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Atamasco Lily Wildflowers

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WildFlowers Scientific Name:

Zephyranthes Atamasco

WildFlowers Family Name:

Amaryllis Family

WildFlowers Season:

April - July

Wild Flowers Color:

Pink or White

Wild Flowers Description:

The Zepheranthes Atamsco, commonly known as the Atamsco Lily derives its name from the Latin and Greek, Zephyrus meaning west wind and Anthos, flower. This perfect flower, with sic stamens and a pistel, enclosed in a large flower cup springs from an onion-like bulb to a height of about fifteen inches. It has several narrow, linear basal leaves about one-half inch wide and ten to fifteen inches long. The single-flowered fleshy stalk is without leaves except for a bract subtending the flower. The lily-like blossom, about three inches long, changes from pure white to pink as it ages, and is inevitably cross fertilized by bees and insects due to the low position of the anthers. Native to the Southeast, it grows in wet roadside ditches and wet woods, blooming in March and April. The leaves and especially the bulbs of this common species are poisonous when eaten.

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