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Great Blue Lobelia Wildflowers

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WildFlowers Scientific Name:

Lobelia Syphilitica

WildFlowers Family Name:

Lobeliaceae Family - lobelia Family

WildFlowers Season:

August - Sept

Wild Flowers Color:

Violet or Purple

Wild Flowers Description:

This showy member of the Lobelia Family sports bright blue flowers 1 inch (2.5 cm) long with inflated tube striped underneath. The corolla has two lips with the upper lip being 2 lobed and the lower lip 3 lobed with white stripes. A slightly hairy plant with stout, leafy simple stem with oval to lanceolate in shaped leaves that may be untoothed or irregularly toothed 2 to 6 inches long. Plants grow from 1 to 4 feet (0.3 to 1.2 m) tall and may be found in rich woods, meadows and swamps. Flowers bloom in August and September
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