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American Waterlily Wildflowers

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WildFlowers Scientific Name:

Nymphaea odorata ssp. odorata

WildFlowers Family Name:

Nymphaeaceae — Waterlily family

WildFlowers Season:

June - September

Wild Flowers Color:


Wild Flowers Description:

Nymphaeaceae is the botanical name of a family of flowering plants. The family is also called the "water-lily family". The white water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh. It is also the birth flower for July. The Beautiful White pond lily is found in still pond waters everywhere. Water-lilies are rooted in soil in bodies of water, with leaves and flowers floating on the water surface. The leaves are rounded and dark green, cleft where they join the stem. Horticulturally, water-lilies are divided into two main categories: hardy and tropical. Hardy water lilies bloom only during the day, but tropical water lilies can bloom either day or night. The White wildflowers that bloom only in bright sunshine, are held at the water surface with 20 or more fleashy peatls, five green backed sepals underneathe, and a cluster of yellow fertile stamens in the center. The viability of water lily seeds is exceptionally long, around 2000 years. Water Lilies are most famously represented in popular culture by the French artist Claude Monet in a series of paintings.
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