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Blue Vervain Wildflowers

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WildFlowers Scientific Name:

Verbena hastata

WildFlowers Family Name:

Verbenaceae — Vervain family

WildFlowers Season:

July - September

Wild Flowers Color:

Deep Purple

Wild Flowers Description:

Spreading patches of brilliant purple verbena can be seen along roadsides and waste places all summer long. Growing to a height of 2-7feet, this plant multiplies from long white rhizomes which spread out in all directions and form dense colonies. Hardy and drought resistant the Verbena is a freely branching perennial with opposite lance-shaped leaves which are very rough to the touch. The leaves are two to four inches long and one-half to one and a half inches wide, sessile and have a coarsely-toothed margin. Also called blue verbena.From Latin hastatus "armed with a spear", because of the shape of the leaves. The flower clusters are stiffly erect spikes, each two to three inches long and three-fourths inch across. The small individual flower bluish-purple (or rarely white) corolla that has five lobes and is pubescent on the outside. This sturdy plant is a native of South America. It is widespread in the southeastern United States and would be a good choice for a meadow garden.The Cherokee used blue vervain in treatments of colds, coughs and gastrointestinal disorders.
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